School Council

The School Council play an important role in the life of the school and their opinions and ideas are very important in the direction of the school.

Led by Miss Kendal, the council meet regularly to discuss important issues within school ranging from what gardening equipment to purchase to improve the school grounds to new staff recruitment. Their voice is an important one.


Mission Statement

Recently, the school council met with the Mini Vinnies, Linda Pennington (Member of the Academy Council), parents/carers from the school and parish representatives. Their mission was to renew our school mission statement. They generated lots of ideas and put them together to form a new snappy mission statement for the school.


Anti-Bullying Policy

On Friday 17th November, the school council met to develop a child-friendly anti-bullying policy based around the current school policy. They considered what we should do if they, or somebody else, was being bullied and what they would not do in this situation.

The children came up with some fantastic ideas and we look forward to creating the final document in the next month or so.


2018-2019 School Council Members

School Council.JPG

 The school council work very hard to make our school the best it can be and better!

Previous School Council led decisions

  • Based on the opinions of the children, we have implemented a colour banding system for our school meals. This ensures that the Kitchen Staff only cook the correct number of each meal on a daily basis and therefore we have little waste. The children all receive the meal they choose, even if they are the last class into the dinner hall.

  • The children have decided that every class will have a lunchtime adventure playground rota so every child will have a fair time on the equipment , we have also used the purple bands from the old lunch menu as a way to monitor who can go on the equipment.