Welcome to the Year 4 class page

In year 4 there are 30 brilliant children who are all kind, caring and loving. We love to learn and find out new things. We have lots of different and unique talents that make us an extremely interesting bunch of people. 

Our teacher is Mrs Tremlett and our teaching assistants are Mrs Kealey and Mrs Mulholland. 


" It's a bit sunny Miss Tabel!!!" 

" It's a bit sunny Miss Tabel!!!" 

We have loads to look forward to in year 4 including; an Easter play, a skipping festival, many exciting topic weeks and loads of new and interesting topics. 

The Spiderwick Chronicles

Here are the fantastical creatures we created inspired by the Spiderwick Chronicles. We have written our own imaginative stories about the Grace children and the mischief that occurs in their very special house. 

The science of sound

What a fun lesson we had this week learning about how different instruments make sounds, we know that sound is made by vibrations. 

We explored how to make different sounds with certain instruments, for example for a drum you need to bang and a guitar you need to pluck the strings. We also compared the sounds made by the instruments to resources around our classroom. 

Click through the pictures below to see more. 

Collective Worship

We've really been enjoying our class collective worship recently. We have been thinking a lot about Jesus and his disciples after Jesus' death and resurrection. We have also been thinking a lot about the Ascension in preparation for Pentecost. Children have been leading the collective worship most mornings and have been asking and answering lots of interesting questions. 

Cricket in PE

We have really been enjoying our cricket lessons with Mr Davies and his sixth form sports leaders from Prince Henry's Grammar School. We have been working on our hand- eye co-ordination, our batting skills and our catching skills. We have been enjoying it even more now the sun is shining. 


Click the picture below to see us all. 

Perimeter Problem Solving

Here we are in maths doing some problem solving. We are finding the perimeter of lots of different irregular shapes. We had to decide what resources we wanted to use and how we were going to overcome some issues like rounded sides. 


Click the picture below to see more. 

Roald Dahl Topic Week

During Roald Dahl Week Year 4 explored Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we loved getting dressed up and creating the props ready for the carnival.  

Year 4 had the responsibility of making the boat to go down the chocolate river, it is extremely colourful and bright! Make sure you come to the carnival to see all the props we made! 


Happy Easter from Year 4!

Easter Play

Well done to all of Year 4 who performed a fantastic Easter play on Tuesday to the school and Thursday to parents. 

The children all did a wonderful performance with fantastic acting, singing and speaking. 

We loved practicing for our play and found it really fun to perform. 

"I was scared at first but then in the end it was great"- Pierre

"I felt really nervous before the performance but was fine when I was doing my part"- Chloe. 

We loved learning the songs and dance moves to go with them. 

Most importantly we really understand the Easter story now and it helped us to understand how Jesus would have been feeling on the run up to Easter. 

Click below to see photos from both performances. 


Wizarding Shops

We have been working hard to design our own shops any wizard or witch would love to go to! The shops we've designed would be at home on Diagon Alley, with the strange array of items they sell. 

We've had shops from magical sweet shops with everlasting gobstoppers (Lewis), to pet shops that sell half bears, half bats (Charlie) and even some suspicious shops that sell curses (Monty). 

Take a look at our designs below. You just need to click through the pictures to see them all. 


We then wrote some fantastic descriptions about them using expanded noun phrases, clever conjunctions, fronted adverbials and of course magical vocabulary. 

Harry Potter

We have been absolutely loving doing about Harry Potter in english. So far we have read up to chapter 4 of the first Harry Potter book, we are loving it! 

On Monday, we had our launch day! We were all sorted into the 4 Hogwarts houses, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Slytherin! We even had a sorting ceremony and the sorting hat decided where we would be placed. 

Click here to read our Hogwarts houses song that we wrote together to represent the people in our houses. 

We have also been writing character descriptions and editing and improving them together. 

World Book Day 

Do you like our costumes? 

Click the picture below to look at them all!

Water Week

Here we are doing our sponsored walk and other water activities. The buckets we were carrying were very heavy and our arms were aching by the time we finished. We learnt what it would be like to have to do this everyday. We want to help children all over the world so they don't have to walk miles for water. 

We also enjoyed some problem solving water activities and worked together as a team to complete them. 

Click through the pictures below to see them all. 

For our water week we have made trailers and tv adverts for water aid- our charity of the week.

Watch Eliza and Freddie's below.


Judaism Assembly

We hope you enjoyed our assembly all about Judaism. 

In it we showed you some of the things we have been learning about in our RE lessons. 

We showed you the Torah. "The Torah is the Jewish holy book, it is written in Hebrew," Explained Thomas. 

We learnt that the Jewish place of worship is called a Synagogue and that the leaders in the synagogues are called Rabbis. "People wear special clothes when they go to the Synagogue such as a Kippah and a tallit; a hat and a prayer shawl," Edward told us.

We have learnt that Jesus was a Jew and heard stories about how Jesus taught people in the temples.

We have found out all about how Jesus would have lived his life.



Marvelous Mechanisms

What a great week we have had this topic week. 

In Year 4, we have been looking at bridges. In particular Tower Bridge in London. 


Some interesting facts we have learnt are: 

Tower Bridge is a Bascule bridge, more commonly known as a drawbridge. 

It runs over the river Thames and allows cars and people to pass over it and boats to pass under it. 

It was built in 1886 and was completed in 1894 making it, 131 years old!

One of the people most famous for building Tower Bridge was William Webster. 

Facts by Niamh. 

We have drawn, designed and made our own Tower Bridges! We have worked hard to create a working mechanism too so our bridges can open to allow boats to pass underneath. 

Check out our designs below. Click the picture to move on. 



Collective worship


Here we are planning our own class collective worship to deliver in class. 

Click on the picture below to see more pictures of us planning


We read the story of 'God's promise to Zechariah' and we have planned a full collective worship to share with the class about this story from the Bible. 

We thought about the theme of our collective worship, the key questions we were going to ask about the text and wrote our own prayers too. 

Now we have settled really well in to Year 4 and are becoming very mature especially with respect to our faith it is time for us to be leading our own collective worship every week. 

We aim to have a child- led collective worship 3 times a week. 

Our first child- led collective worship


Lily, Niamh and Freddie were the first group to lead our class collective worship. 

They asked some very interesting questions that got us all thinking. Here are some of their questions and our responses: 

What did the angel say to Zechariah? 

How do you think Elizabeth felt about having a baby? 

Have you ever been in a situation like Zechariah where you have prayed for something and it has not happened straight away? 

How does that make you feel? 

What does this story teach us? 

God always keeps his promises- Edie

When you are patient and wait good things will come to you- Edward

If you keep trying for something eventually it will happen- Ellie

It takes time for God to answer your prayers, you can't expect him to answer you straight away but he is always listening to you because he loves you- Faith

Table tennis

On Tuesday, we played table tennis and we split up in to two groups, we were taught how to play table tennis by Peter. - Ellie

Peter taught us how to hold the bat and he told us to hit the ball very lightly when batting the ball.- Niamh

You have got to hold the bat near your belly button to have the most controlled stance. - Mani

He taught us how to do keepy uppys with the ball- Joseph

He was really nice and I really enjoyed playing table tennis- Thomas

We played a game where you had to keep the ball balanced on your bat for as long as possible whilst standing up and sitting down and doing lots of other things. - Flynn

I really enjoyed it because I learnt new things about table tennis that I didn't know- Clara. 

My favourite part was playing it on a long table with a net- Faith


Investigating Solids and Liquids

We had lots of fun on Wednesday investigating the properties of both solids and liquids in science.

We asked the question- Do liquids always change their shape? We discovered that yes they do! it doesn't matter what shape container they are put in they always change to fit the container.

We found out about different solids and if they could be squashed, cut and bend.

We also looked at some strange solids. Things like flour, sugar and salt. These are solids that behave like liquids, they can be poured and they change shape to fit a container. We discovered though that when you added a liquid these strange solids became more like a normal solid. We discussed making a sandcastle and how the addition of water makes it stronger.


Click the picture below to see our slideshow of pictures.



We also looked at the particles that are in all solids, liquids and gases and how they behave.

This picture shows a solid- all the particles are very close together, they can't move.



This picture shows a liquid- the particles are close together but they can move around each other.


This picture shows a gas- the particles are free to move anywhere they want and in any direction.


Ancient Egyptian Pyramids

Wow- take a look at our amazing pyramids we have made for our learning log homework. These are just a selection of the children who have shown off theirs. We are looking at about one a day to make sure we get through everyones.


Click to see the next picture. 


One of our favourites had to be Jessica's as we got to eat that one!! 

Fantastic Films Dress Up Day

On Monday we all came to school dressed as our favourite film characters ready to launch our 'fantastic films' topic week. We had a huge array of characters and described who we were to each other. 

We enjoyed watching Monsters Inc, our focus film for the week, and we designed our own monsters. 


Maths games with Year 1

We have had a fantastic afternoon with year 1. 

We have designed and made lots of different addition and subtraction games for the Year one children to play. They came and enjoyed our games and we helped them to answer the problems.