Year 5 2014–15

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The weather is warmer, there is blossom on the trees - it's the Summer Term already!



In English this half term, we will be:

  • Studying and writing stories from other cultures.
  • Persuasive Writing - reading a selection of persuasive pieces of writing and identifying features before writing our own pieces.
  • Writing based on the general election and in relation to our topic week - Go Green!

In addition, we will be continuing with regular reading, both in the forms of guided reading and individual.


In Maths this half term, we will be:

* Reading Roman numerals to 1000 and recognising years written in Roman numerals

* Stating and using the properties of a rectangle (including squares) to deduce related facts.

* Continuing with regular problem solving and investigative work.

* Extending conversions

* Properties of number and reasoning about number

In addition, we will be continuing with regular problem solving involving all four operations and working on written methods for recording.

Niamh and Lucas investigate the least amount of moves needed to get the blue cube from one corner to the other. They needed to be logical and methodical!

Niamh and Lucas investigate the least amount of moves needed to get the blue cube from one corner to the other. They needed to be logical and methodical!

Lottie and Iga consider how to record their findings.

Lottie and Iga consider how to record their findings.

Topic Week: Go Green!

To begin this half term, our topic was Go Green.  We learned all about recycling, reusing and and reducing our waste. The week kicked off with a fun filled workshop where we worked on a recycling belt, sorting waste using a range of techniques and gadgets!

Reading Buddies

Year 5 are really enjoying being Reading Buddies with Year 1 this year.  Every Friday afternoon, they spend some time together sharing and discussing their favourite books.  They both learn so much from each other.

Autumn 1

Our Curriculum:


With the new curriculum in mind, we are looking at some exciting areas of English this half term.  We will be:

* Analysing myths, legends and fables.

* Planning and writing our own myths, legends and fables.

* Visualising and representing scenes from a range of tales.

* Evaluating and improving our own writing.

* Investigating poetic style.

* Regular grammar work.

* Daily guided reading and individual reading.

Acting out our fables in our Myths and Legends unit.


  • Revising and developing mental and written strategies for addition, subtraction, mulitplication and division.
  • Place value.
  • Rounding.
  • Properties of numbers.
  • Properties of 2D and 3D shapes.
  • Nets.
  • Regular problem-solving and every using and applying.
  • Regular mental maths.

Curriculum Newsletter

Each half term we issue our Curriculum Newsletter. 

Year 5 Curriculum Letter for Autumn 1

Topic Week: Mystery and Intrigue: 3rd – 7th November 2014

Our new half term started with great excitement and mystery - as we entered the school gates on Monday, we were amazed and astonished to see a new vehicle parked - the TARDIS! How did it get there and what was that green and pink slime splashed across it? Year 5 certainly came up with some interesting theories!

“It was not slime but an alien chrysalis which was left there after the alien transformed into an alien butterfly and used the TARDIS to teleport away!”
— Lottie, Year 5
“I think it is a crazy monster’s sick that changes colour according to the weather!”
— Isabel, Year 5
“I don’t know but I know it came from the future!”
— Bailey, Year 5.

October - The month of Mary

In our collective worship sessions we spend time thinking about the mysteries and praying the Rosary. Each child and staff member has their own set of rosary beads. It is very important to us.

October - Black History Month

In Year 5 we have all become huge fans of Stevie Wonder! We have been learning about his incredible life and how he has overcome tremendous personal battles to become one of the most recognised and celebrated musicians of all time. Our personal favourite song is 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered'!

Science on The Chevin - Tuesday 7th October 2014

On Tuesday 7th October, Year 5 trekked up the Chevin in the drizzle to meet John the Chevin Ranger.  The purpose? To do some seed gathering as our science topic for this half term is Life Cycles, in particular the life cycle of a plant.  We learned all about the different names of the trees and the differences between the seeds.  We had an opportunity to gather a range of seeds which we later planted in pots and brought back to school to grow.  We particularly enjoyed learning about seed dispersal through a range of games and activities.