Welcome to Year 5!

In year 5 there are 31 fun, lively,hard-working children.

Our teacher is Mr Kilner and our teaching assistant is Miss Daly.

Our class 

Our class 

Things to remember:

- This year we have PE on Mondays and Thursdays (bring PE kits!)

- To bring our reading book and reading record everyday

- To bring our planners everyday


In R.E. we have been learning about other religions. Including: Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Hinduism. We have produced an information booklet about these religions and what their beliefs are. We have been looking at how they are different to our religion. 

On Wednesday we focused on the Jewish faith and the festival of Pesach (Passover). 


In English recently we have been looking at biographies. We have written a biography about the famous explorers we have studied (Bear Grylls, Steve Backshall and Ed Stafford). We are now writing a biography about a famous person of our choice. It is really interesting finding out facts and all about these peoples lives. 


In maths we are studying coordinates. We kicked this off by playing battleships, which was really fun! We will be learning how to plot coordinates, about translation and reflection. 


Year 5 had a great time on our whole school trip to Scarborough beach. We played in the sand and the sea, played football and rounders. Take a look at some of our photos! 

School Election

We took part in the school election, run by year 6, on the same day as the general election. We had a whole school hustings where the year 6 parties presented their manifestos. We then got our ballot paper and chose who we wanted to vote for and placed it in the box.  It was a good experience and helped us to understand politics a little more. Well done to the Present Party who won! 

Survival Topic Week 

For survival week in year 5 we have been learning about how to survive in the rainforest. We have made survival packs. These include what we would take in our rucksacks (we could only take 7 items!!), fact files on famous explorers and facts about the rainforest. We also wrote a piece of descriptive writing about what it would be like to walk through the rainforest. We imagined all the different sights sounds and smells, and we watched a short film and listened to rainforest noises for inspiration. In maths we continued the survival theme by playing battleships! This helped us learn about plotting coordinates. It was really fun! Elsewhere in the week we played survival games in PE and had a talk about water safety.

Class Mass

 We had a lovely class mass on Thursday 18th May. It was about different religions and praying for peace. We will be learning about different religions and their beliefs next term. 

This week we have also been learning about rain forests throughout the world and different food chains within them. “My favourite rainforest animal is a squirrel monkey. It is an omnivore, this means it eats plants and meat” explained Haley.

Herd Farm!!!

Wednesday 3rd May – Residential time! After much excitement and waving goodbye to school, we kicked off our trip with a visit to the Royal Armouries in Leeds. This was interesting and they have some great exhibits. We listened to a talk about WW1 and we got to handle some old guns and weapons! We had our lunch in the sunshine and then headed to the one, the only… HERD FARM! After an hour running around playing football and doing handstands, we headed inside for a tour and a safety talk with the Herd Farm staff. As well as the activities we will be doing, there are a lot of cool things to do in your free time – table football, pool, a keyboard, giant connect four and chess!
In the evening we went for a walk past Emmerdale Farm. We saw where it is filmed and where the cast and crew have their lunch!
Thursday 4th May – Today we began our activities! We went off in our groups to either archery, zip lining or high ropes. In the archery we channeled our inner Catniss Everdeen (Hunger Games) or Robin Hood, did our best screams and animal impressions on the zip line and our best monkey impressions in the high ropes! We got 2 hours on each activity and swapped around after lunch. After some free time and tea we headed out for a walk again. This time we went all the way around Eccup reservoir, which is about 5 miles. It was a really lovely walk with some nice views, especially as
the sun was setting near the end.
Friday 5th May – Our last day! In the morning we did our third and final activity. Then, after tidying up and having our last bit of free time it was time to head home! The glorious sun shined everyday of our trip, we all had a truly fantastic time, and have made lots of great memories!

Here are a selection of photos from the trip:

Rugby Festival

On Thursday afternoon 12 children from year 5 and 6 attended a rugby festival at Guiseley Rangers RC. Everyone played really well and we ended up coming second in our group! We then entered the play offs. It was a very close and tense game, unfortunately we lost by one point in the last minute. Everyone played outstandingly and made St Joseph’s proud!

Roald Dahl Topic week 

This week we have also enjoyed making Charlie and the Chocolate Factory props for the carnival. We have certainly shown our creative sides! We loved writing our pieces of descriptive writing, pretending our classroom was edible, which was really fun but made us hungry!

Firefighters visit

Year 5 were visited by two firefighters from Otley fire station on Wednesday afternoon. They talked about fire safety, the importance of smoke alarms, what to do in the event of fire and hoax emergency calls. It was very interesting and we had a lot of questions! They also brought their fire fighting kit which Heather tried on!

Maths work

This week we have been doing some work on converting fractions, decimals and percentages. We have all worked really hard on this! We played a special game of maths dominoes which was really fun. 

Exercise and nutrition workshop

We were visited by some students from Leeds Trinity University, who taught us about sport and nutrition. We took part in some fun sports activities and learnt about what is and isn't healthy. It was a great afternoon.

Stations of the cross

On Wednesday we took part in the stations of the cross activity morning. At each station there was an activity for us to do, and each one had a message behind it. For example, at station 14, Jesus is buried, we planted seeds. Just like Jesus was buried, we buried the seed and just like Jesus the seed will grow out of the soil and rise as he did on Easter Sunday.


We really enjoy our music lessons with Mrs Shakespeare on a Monday afternoon. We have learnt lots! Last week we enjoying some dancing and this week we learnt about jazz music. We got some inspiration from youtube and then we had a go at our own solos!


Water week 

We had a great topic week and learnt lots of facts about wonderful water. We wrote some tweets in which we had to get our facts across in only 140 characters! We also did some lovely poetry and onomatopoeia drawings. In maths we studied capacity and how to measure millilitres and litres. In art we did some water colour paintings inspired by Monet. We enjoyed taking part in the Water Aid  sponsored walk which was really fun, but it also made us think about people less fortunate than us who don't have easy access to water. We enjoyed taking part in the games that had been organised too. 

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We have done lots of brilliant work this half term, and we have all worked very hard. We have earnt a well deserved rest! Hopefully we will come back refreshed and ready to continue our good work and fantastic attitude. 

Marvellous Mechanisms

During topic week we learnt about mechanisms of our bodies and hearts. We learnt how our bodies move and made a model of a skeleton (Steve). We also learnt about the mechanisms of the heart, defence and healing mechanisms. Lastly, we looked at the eat well plate, and how to eat well in order to keep our body mechanisms working well. 

PE Gymnastics

We recently finished doing gymnastics in PE by performing our routines. We have really enjoyed doing gymnastics with Mr L and have learnt lots of different moves!

Three Little Pigs

We have kicked off 2017 looking at traditional stories. We are taking an in depth look at the Three Little Pigs story. We have hot seated and interviewed all the characters from the story, and had a great class debate about who was guilty - is it the wolf or the pigs??????

Basketball Tournament 

We had a great time at the basketball tournament at Prince Henrys. Everyone played great and we came second overall! 

Child led Collective worship 

We had our first child led collective worship by Freya and Annalena,  about trust in God. They did a great job and told a story about Gabriel visiting Mary and discussed what trust means to us. They finished with a prayer and a hymn "“The Angel Gabriel from Heaven Came”. Well done girls! 

Class Mass 

We had our first year 5 class mass on Wednesday 23rd November. Our mass was based on inspirational people. It was a lovely mass and our singing was beautiful!

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Topic week - Fantastic Films

After a refreshing half term break we came back ready to delve into some fantastic films for topic week. Our chosen film was Jumanji. We did lots of great work based on the film. We designed and made our own board games, wrote our own riddles and made our own film posters. It was a fantastic week and we had loads of fun!


We were recently visited by the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds). We had a great session learning about different types of birds. We also located and observed the different types of wildlife and nature in our school grounds. 

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New adventure playground

We have been enjoying monkeying around on the new adventure playground!

We have been enjoying monkeying around on the new adventure playground!


We recently met our year 1 buddies and had a nice afternoon getting to know them. We hope to help them throughout the year and be good role models.