Year 1 Class 19/20


Autumn 1 Week 3

We have been very busy and done some amazing work this week in Year 1!

In numeracy we have been comparing numbers to 10 in different ways, including finding one more or one less and having a class-wide competition to see who had the greatest number. We have also been introduced to the greater than and less than crocodiles and we know that the crocodile always eats the greatest number!

In literacy we have been detectives and checked Miss Armitage's writing for full stops and capital letters. We even wrote our own sentences including exclamation marks and full stops.

In history we have been looking at real life superheroes and this week we focused on Grace Darling and her rescue of 9 shipwrecked people in Northumberland.

In RE this week we have made our own illustrations of the Creation Story and focused on recalling the events of each day.


Autumn 1 Week 2

In Year 1 this week we have been solidifying our knowledge of place value to 10 and using mathematical language such as greater, less than and equal to. We used our knowledge of place value by estimating which cuisenaire rods matched numbers to 10.

In literacy this week we have begun to plan our own superhero stories using 'Supertato' for inspiration. We have been learning to recite the story by heart to help our recall.

In RE this week we have begun our topic 'God's Great Plan' and will be focusing on the story of Creation and of Noah's ark.

We loved learning about Edward Jenner as a real-life superhero in history and even made a class video of what we learned!


Autumn Week 1

In Year 1 this week we have been settling into our new classroom and sharing the story of Supertato. We have made superhero masks and passports for our secret identities.

In Geography we have been looking at maps and satellite photos of Otley. We found landmarks such as St Josephs and the River Wharfe on the satellite photos, and then used our knowledge to plot journeys around town on the maps. We were surprised at how small our school looks on a map!

In collective worship this week we have been reflecting on what makes us special, and have written some beautiful prayers thanking God for our gifts.

Miss Armitage and Mrs Walsh have been so impressed at Year 1's independence and hard work this week!

photos superhero activities.JPG