Welcome to Year 2

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We are a class of thirty one wonderful children who love. laugh and learn together with God in our hearts. We are taught by Miss Hulbert and Mrs Mulholland is our teaching assistant. Alfie is our class puppet who enjoys trips to our homes at weekends. We look forward to sharing lots of the things that we have been doing throughout the year.


Autumn 1

1960’s Topic Week

Year 2 have had a blast during our 1960’s Topic Week! We have fully immersed ourselves in the cultural decade of revolution, music and society. We enjoyed learning about the typical school day and what might have appeared on the school dinner menu. We made traditional puddings: Spotted Dick and Jam Roly Poly. Tasting our creations was even better, along with Angel Delight and Rice Pudding! We sat at our desks in rows learning the 3Rs writing, reading and arithmetic.


Psychedelia and the Hippie movement inspired our art as we had fun making tie-dye and a lava lamp. We enjoyed using bright, vibrant colours to paint some of Andy Warhol’s 1960s Pop art.


With environmentalism becoming a new social movement in the 1960s, Year 2 enjoyed an afternoon of sunshine and nature by using sticks, leaves, stones and other natural materials to built insect habitats.

Finally we sang the Yellow Submarine in our 1960’s assembly accompanied by 1960’s dance moves that we had learned in PE.


Where is God?

RE started this half term by thinking about the question: Where is God? Is he in heaven, church, our homes, in nature or can God be found everywhere? The children shared their thoughts and ideas and demonstrated these with watercolour paintings.



For Harvest, we learned about Fabiano and how money raised through CAFOD enabled a water pump to be installed in his village. We reflected on the difference this has made to Fabiano’s life as he no longer has to walk 3 miles to collect water, morning and evening. We wrote Harvest prayers asking God to help those who don’t have enough food and water.

Harvest Assembly

Well done to all the children for a fantastic assembly. We thought about the meaning of harvest and thanked God for all the people involved in making breakfast. Our collective worship thought about a seed growing just like we grow with God.

We all retold the story of baby Moses in the bulrushes together using actions. We reflected on the thoughts and feelings of his older sister, Miriam who hid him in the bulrushes. The children wrote about Miriam’s trust in God. Next we learned about the bible story of Daniel and the Lions. We reflected about the importance of putting our trust and faith in God and thought about the times when we seek God’s assurance.

PSHE / Leader in Me

What a fantastic start to the school year, we’ve had this week in Y2! We have been so impressed with everyone’s ‘Work-at-it Wiz’ attitude and this was shown in both our Growth Mindset activity (about trying our best) and demonstrated in our ‘Leader In Me’ outdoor activity, where we focused on working together despite our differences.

We met Amber from Leeds City Council who spoke to us about The Green Cross Code. We know how important it is to: Stop, Think, Look and Listen. In small groups, Amber took us out to a nearby roadside to put these steps into practice.


The year started by reinforcing our recognition of numbers, numerals and digits. We practised number bonds to ten, which enable us to use mental arithmetic with greater fluency.

We have been focusing on Place Value in Maths this week. We have looked at 2 digit numbers and carried out practical based activities using (tens and ones) rods and grids to help us visualise number value. We used the part whole model to represent this in our books.

We have been ordering numbers from smallest to largest and vice versa. We also used practical resources to show our understanding of greater than (symbol >) and less than (symbol <).

We have been looking at: one more than, one less than, 10 more than and 10 less than a given number. We used practical resources to help us see how the tens/ones changed.


We enjoyed sharing our holiday news in class and wrote about this in English. We were careful to ensure that our sentences were in the past tense and included time conjunctions to improve our writing.

We read the book, Message in a bottle and used noun phrases to describe the island. We received a very exciting letter from Baruti, an explorer and park ranger in Costa Rica asking for our help to design an island. We created our own islands in art and then had fun using adjectives to describe our amazing islands.


Geography and History

In Geography we have started our exciting unit on Let’s Explore. We imagined a beautiful island and thought about all the things we would like to include. We have designed and created our islands using a range of media and materials.

We’ve been continuing our Let’s Explore topic in Geography by learning about position and direction. Navigating our way through waterfalls and volcanoes hoping that we’d find the x that marks the spot..


In Science we have been investigating living things and classifying them into groups. We took the IPads outside to capture examples of things that were: living, once alive and never alive.

Next we learned about the seven life processes that tell us that animals are alive. To help us remember them we have found a mnemonic to remind us- Mrs Nerg. Our Maths lessons have involved ordering numbers from smallest to largest and vice versa.

We had lots of fun and got very muddy creating mini creature habitats. Each had to provide for the needs of living things. We called them exciting names such as: Big Sticks Mansion, Bug Hotel and Shelter Chalet.

We continued to learn about Habitats in Science, we investigated different types of animal habitats. We explained the different features of our own insect habitats and why they were important.


In Music this half term, we have had fun learning about pulse. We listened to and sang a variety of songs and practised clapping our hands to each tempo. We played a game that involved marching as Mrs Shakespeare played a steady pulse on her drum.