Welcome to Year 2

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Welcome to year 2


Our class teacher is Miss Hulbert.

Our teaching assistant is Mrs Mulholland.

We have 29 delightful, hard working, well behaved and fun loving children.

We have a class puppet called Alfie too who is very excited about coming home with us. In Year 2 we also have Give Up Gerald the giraffe who always gives up and Work It Out Whizz who always tries his best and learns from his mistakes. We all want to be like Work It Out Whizz!



Spellings are sent home on Monday and tested the following Monday.


Please ensure children are reading their books and completing on line activities on Active Learn / Bug Club. Children  should be changing their reading books at least once a week.

Library books are changed on Fridays.


Children have mathletics passwords. This is a wonderful resource to consolidate learning in the classroom and learn any other maths e.g. times tables.


Sometimes maths or grammar homework will be set on  Monday night and this is to be completed for the following Monday.

The homework log is a project for each half term. It is given out the first Friday of each halt term and due back the last Monday before each  holiday. 

Autumn Term

How amazing our ‘Magic’ theme for topic week has been! After watching ‘Dazzling Darren’ on Monday, we were keen to find out how to entertain others with our own magic tricks... We’ve learnt how to do magic with: playing cards, pieces of string, cups and balls, paper clips and even climbing through pieces of A4 paper! 

 We’ve been very creative this week too, we made mythical creatures with paper plates. We learnt about optical illusions and created 3D hands. We decorated glass jars so that we can keep them as ‘magic memory’ jars. We wrote about some of our most magical memories and we now have a special place to keep them safe.

We also finished making and painting our mod-roc volcanoes. This was to enable us to make them erupt in our magical science lesson. Using bicarbonate of soda, vinegar, washing-up liquid and food colouring to create a chemical reaction. This was followed by making a gummy hand with gelatine, ‘elephant’s toothpaste’ from a yeast reaction and watching what happened when we created amazing rainbows from skittles and warm water.

We’ve reinforced our understanding of place value, when we unravelled the clues in our maths mystery: to find out who had bitten off all the legs of the gingerbread men!

Heritage Fortnight

We've been learning all about our heritage this week and we’ve really enjoyed finding out about the heritage of lots of children in Year 2. We certainly have an international class, with children whose families come from the: Philippines, Poland, Italy, Australia, Malta, South Africa, Ireland and India!  We designed beautiful and informative posters about India and learnt some fascinating facts. We cooked some delicious samosas and made a raita to accompany them. The best bit was tasting these in class. Luckily we made plenty to go home too!



Year 2 have had a wonderful start to the year. We have been thinking all about having a growth mindset and the things that we should think and say to be the very best that we can be. We made ourselves into growth mindset superheros.


We have been reading bible stories and learning how people are chosen by God. We learned about Moses and thought about the story from the viewpoint of Miriam. we used role play to retell Daniel and the lions.

Where is God?

We answered the question Where is God? by creating beautiful art work. The children wrote fantastic answers: “God is so near that it feels like he is next to me” “God’s love shines so brightly in all our hearts” God is with his angels watching over everyone in the world”


We though about the special gifts we have that we can shine brightly around the classroom and St Josephs school.


In RE we have been learning all about Harvest and in art we finished our Harvest food pictures in preparation for our assembly on 5th October.

The children were amazing in our Harvest assembly. We used the letters in HARVEST to make other words to explain the meaning of harvest. We thanked God for all our wonderful food, well nearly all of it!


Maths has been full of lots of practical and outdoor activities to learn about place value and number. We’ve been learning about place value, enjoying how to find different ways to represent tens and ones using: number bead strings, numicon, counting towers and even straws!


Charlie Crocodile, who was swimming near our islands, helped us to understand greater than and less than.

We have used so many different ways to add tens and two digit numbers.


We have just enjoyed reading our new book Message in a Bottle which we are beginning to do lots of writing about. To get started the children designed the most imaginative islands that they would like to visit.

Here are some of out creative and imaginative islands.

edited picture.jpg

We’ve learnt all about nouns in English and had lots of fun learning about some of the unusual words for collective nouns. Did you know that a group of parrots is known as a ‘pandemonium?’ 


There are so many words to learn to spell! Here we are playing matching pairs and using homophones in sentences.


For our topic lesson, Explorer Bear let us have a look in his backpack and we found a compass, so it was off outside again to practice our navigational skills. From the playground we learnt which direction was north, south, east and west.


Year 2 have made the most of the late September sunshine this week and in our science lesson on Habitats we have enjoyed building ‘Bug Hotels.’ Branches, leaves and pebbles were just a few of the materials we used to create the perfect habitat for our creatures. 

In science we were able to explore outside in the sunshine; our task was to sort and label items into ‘alive’ and ‘never alive.