Welcome to Year 2


Welcome to year 2

Our class teacher is Miss Hulbert.

Our teaching assistant is Mrs Walsh.

We have 21 delightful, hard working, well behaved and fun loving children.

We have a class puppet called Alfie too who is very excited about coming home with us. 

In Year 2 we also have Give Up Gerald the giraffe who always gives up and Work It Out Whizz who always tries his best and learns from his mistakes. We all want to be like Work It Out Whizz!




We have now gone live with Spellodrome and children have passwords in their reading records. This is a really fun and exciting way for children to learn spelling patterns and rules they are learning in school. The more they do, the more points they earn towards certificates. 

Spellings are sent home on Monday and tested the following Monday.


Please ensure children are reading their books and completing on line activities on Active Learn / Bug Club. Children  should be changing their reading books at least once a week.

Library books are changed on Fridays.


Children have mathletics passwords. This is a wonderful resource to consolidate learning in the classroom and learn any other maths e.g. times tables.


Sometimes maths or grammar homework will be set on  Monday night and this is to be completed for the following Monday.

The Homework Log is a project for each half term. It is given out the first Friday of each halt term and due back the last Monday before each  holiday. 

Autumn Term 1


Christmas Craft Day


It was so exciting to meet lots of real life heroes. The children asked lots of questions to all our special visitors. Some children were bandaged by a nurse,  others dressed in a fire fighter uniform and everyone was very surprised when the policeman arrived.  We loved the guide dogs too. In fact we learned  so much information from our hero visitors that we made wonderful non-fiction books. 


We also thought very creatively, answering the question: who is a hero?  Our list poems described over 30 different heroes including carers, charity workers, good friends, deep sea divers, teachers, parents and God. 


In topic week we had a visit from Mary's meals and thought about how every child around the world should have at least one meal a day. We are donating rucksacks,  children's summer shoes, clothes and stationary,  We also made  porridge smiles to help  raise money for Mary's meals.  See Mary's Meals website for more information.

We thought about what God is like and created wonderful descriptions. Then we created art work fro our favourite description. 


In  our child led collective worship we have been reading and singing lots of prayers  that the children have written and brought in from home.


Chosen People

We have learned how we have been chosen by God and given special gifts which we should share with others. Our class assembly was all about how special we are.

We learned about different bible stories including Moses, Abraham and Daniel and the lions. Here we are  using drama to retell the story of Daniel and the lions den with a rather friendly lion!  We thought about the message in the story and how  we should make the right choices like Daniel. 


Well done to Year 2 for leading our special KS1 Mass all about Chosen people. The children read their words and sang beautifully. 


We moved onto our new RE unit all about Mysteries. There were so many  thoughtful questions that the children had to ask that we couldn't really answer. Then we thought about the Trinity and wrote a kenning poem by sorting the lines of the poem into God, Son and  Holy Spirit. 

To get ready for advent we became advent angels and wrote about how we would look after someone in our class during the advent season. It will be difficult to work out who each of our advent angels are because we are always showing acts of kindness. On the last day of term we will share with each other who we have been an angel for. 



Here is a picture of us learning to be like  Work It our Whizz. Look at our happy faces.

Here is a picture of us giving up like Give Up Gerald. Look at our miserable faces.

Here is a picture of us giving up like Give Up Gerald. Look at our miserable faces.


We thought about how to be a really good friend and wrote friendship rules for our class.


In Anti-Bullying week we celebrated what wonderful kind friends we always are at St Josephs! Then we had a debate about the saying: Sticks and Stones can break your bones but words can never hurt you. Here we are understanding our feelings when someone says something that is hurtful and our feelings when someone says something that is really kind.


Our topic this half term is Lets Explore. We answered the question: What would Explorer Bear find interesting around our school?  We also used directional language like next to and opposite and used compasses to find north, east, south and west.

Christopher Columbus Day

We learned about Christopher Columbus and other explorers and made native American crafts including totem poles and rain sticks. 



We worked together to understand place value of numbers. 

We have used lots of concrete and visual resources to learn about numbers.

To learn about the equals sign, greater than and less than, we  carried out an investigation  to see how many  different ways we could use the signs correctly. 

To help us understand place value and number we used numicon, straws, bead strings and dominoes.


Some of us are having lots of fun in First Class Number. We  really are doing lots of maths even though it looks like we are drinking tea like the Queen too!



Skipping Workshop

Year 2 had a fantastic time at the skipping workshop learning to double bounce, speed bounce, side swing and many other skills. We will be practicing our skipping skills before the skipping festival on 8th March. You can buy a skipping rope from Year 2 for £5 so your child can practice. A great stocking filler for Christmas!


Here are our wonderful small creature  habitats that we created in science. We made sure that they provided for all the needs of living things and a few fun extras for the mini beasts too. 

The Science Festival at Otley Courthouse was very informative and we learned lots of interesting facts about owls and birds of prey.


In phonics lessons we have been learning alternative spellings of phonemes. In week two we were learning the ee  sound so we decided to interview a tree. We got some rather unusual answers to our questions. The tree told the children that  during it's lifetime it had, amongst other things, been reading with a chimpanzee and  leaping on a trampolene.   In the future the tree would like to meet the Queen.


We acted out scenes using freeze frame drama before writing  exciting endings to Maximus and the Beanstalk. 


We enjoyed our first music lesson in Year 2.