Welcome to our Year 3 page 2019-20!


Year 3

Hello from Year 3 !

Hello from Year 3 !

Welcome to Year 3 ! We are class of 29 children who are taught by Mrs Bates & Mrs Holmes. We are very lucky to be supported in our learning by Mrs Deyes and Mrs Russell.  We enjoy school and have already settled into Key Stage 2 life well. We are looking forward to lots of exciting things this year and all the new topics we will be learning about !


We have had a super ‘Back to the 60’s’ topic week !

In English, the children enjoyed researching fashion and music in the 1960’s. They produced informative and colourful non-chronological reports in the form of posters. They enjoyed listening to Beatles music from the 60’s as they worked. The children have also enjoyed learning about the moon landing and Neil Armstrong and have begun to write some newspaper reports.

In Maths, we have been continuing to calculate 1, 10 and 100 more or less than a number using number lines, place value grids and function machines. We then moved on to compare numbers using the symbols for less than <, greater than >, and equals =.

Our mini Beatles !

Our mini Beatles !

In P.E, the children had fun learning different 1960’s dance moves including Hand Jives and The Twist. They used the moves to imitate 1960’s bands and showed great enthusiasm with their ‘air-guitars.’ We finished practising our dance moves outside in The Pavilion.

In Art, Year 3 have been looking at Pop Art and some of the work of Andy Warhol. They made their own versions of the ‘Campbells Soup’ pictures using bright 1960’s colours.

In Music, the children have enjoyed learning the Beatles song ‘Octopus’s Garden’. We also used our listening skills to create a picture based on ‘Lucy in the sky with diamonds.’

What a busy, fun week we have had!


Year 3 have settled in very quickly to their new classroom and routines. It was lovely to see everyone looking so well after the holiday break and we have had a very busy first week back.

We have been finding out about our Year 3 class saint - St Bernadette. We have been reading about her and also writing and painting pictures. Come and see our work in the corridor outside Year 3 !

In Maths this week we have been doing Place Value and using equipment to explore multiples of 100 and count up in hundreds. We have looked at how 3 digit numbers are partitioned into 100’s, 10’s and 1’s.


On the dry afternoon we explored the trees in the school grounds and collected natural things that we could find underneath the trees. We were amazed at how much we found that had blown down in the recent winds.


This week in English we have started to read a book called Stone Age Boy. The children listened to the story and then imagined that they could meet the main character and thought up lots of questions they would like to ask him. They used the questioning words Who, What, When, Why, Which and How. They also practised using question marks in their punctuation.

Our new story - Stone Age Boy

Our new story - Stone Age Boy


In Maths we have been practising our arithmetic calculations and also exploring place value using Hundreds, Tens and Ones. The children are increasing their confidence at working out the value of a digit on place value grids.


On Tuesday morning we enjoyed a visit from a tennis coach and had an outdoor tennis lesson. We were improving our batting skills and hitting the balls over a tennis net with help from a partner. It was great fun !



In RE the children used music, songs, liturgy and prayer to lead the collective worhip on the theme of Welcoming. We read about how Jesus welcomed everyone and never turned others away.