Welcome to our Year 3 page!


Year 3

Year 3 has 27 great children, who love to have lots of fun and work hard.

Our teacher is Miss Dowd and Mrs Kealey is our teaching assistant. 

Year 3 are very pleased to be in Key Stage 2. They are looking forward to developing their knowledge and skills in English and problem solving skills in Maths.  We are excited about the new opportunities this year such as being able to go swimming at Prince Henry's and learning musical instruments.

During our first week back, we researched and found out about our class saint, Saint Bernadette. Miss Dowd told us some information about her and then we used the IPads to find out some more information. We later used this information to write fact-files about Saint Bernadette. We also watched a clip from a famous film and read a story about her, then some of us wrote our own stories about what happened.

Did you know that she is the only saint in which Our Lady Mary has appeared to.


In music for the forthcoming weeks until February, Year 3 we be learning to play the Ukulele.

This week we all had the opportunity to experiment with this instrument and have a play with it to get a feel for it. We then played the Ukulele to some spooky music. Watch the video below to see how we did.