Topic Weeks

The pupils at St Joseph's choose topic weeks at the end of the summer term for the next academic year via our School Council.

The 5 topic weeks each year take place during the first week of term (or the first week of half term)

There is a showcase event at the end of the topic week with parents and children welcome to go around the classrooms to see the children's work.

Topic Weeks 2016–17

Our new topics for this year are:


Fantastic Films

Marvellous Mechanisms


Wonderful Water

As part of our topic week, after half term, 'Wonderful Water' we are holding a sponsored event.

Children will carry buckets of water so they can put themselves in the shoes of the children who do not have access to clean, available water. They will experience what it is like to have to walk at least a mile every day to collect water. For the sponsored event, the children will carry buckets of water arounda set course: KS1 up to 9 laps and KS2 at minimum of 9 laps. (9 laps = 1 mile). The children will be sponsored per lap or for the whole event.

Roald Dahl


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