Welcome to the Year 4 class page

In year 4 there are 32 children. There are 18 girls and 14 boys. 

Our teacher is called Miss Tabel and our teaching assistant is called Miss Roberts. 

We are a very talented bunch with numerous singers, guitarist, flutists, clarinetists and violinists, not to mention our sporting talents too. We have runners, golfers, tennis players, basketballers and skippers! 

Mini Olympics 

As a school we all took part in a series of mini Olympic activities, which we all really enjoyed.

Sports Day 2016

Topic week - Sports

During our sports topic week, we took part in different sporting activities in preparation for the Rio Olympics this summer.

Here are some of the pictures from the year 3 and 4 triathlon event we went to.

Yeadon Tarn 

On our trip we took part in lots of team building activities and got really wet during the raft building!



Here we are dressed as superheroes for our topic week dress up day

Here we are dressed as superheroes for our topic week dress up day


In our topic work we have been learning all about settlements. We have thought about the early settlers and the things they would need to survive. We can all decide where the best settlements are when using a map.

As part of our settlement work we learned about trade and economic links. We did an activity where we all had different jobs and skills and had to trade the things we owned. We started to really understand the value of our possessions for example we decided one cow was not equal in value to one fish.


Explaining Electricity

You wouldn't believe that Year 4 have mastered atoms already! But they have!

We know what makes up an atom; a neutron, a proton and an electron.

We learnt that when there are more electrons than protons in an atom there are free electrons, the movement of these free electrons are what makes an electric current.

Here we are outside acting as the neutrons, protons and electrons to help us understand how they are attracted and repel from each other and the movement of the free electrons.


Animal Adventures

Our first topic week of Summer term was 'animals'. A great topic for us in year 4 as we love koalas so much! We produced some fantastic work this week.

In maths we designed our own zoos. Using area and perimeter to create enclosures that were suitable for all our animals. We used co-ordinates to add details to our zoos and worked out the costing of it all too.

In English we created pamphlets to entice people to come to our zoo.  We designed and created our own animals by combining our favourite features of different animals. We also had a debate about zoos, whether we thought zoos were a good thing or not.

We also had time for art work: we used our animal designs to make plastercine models of our animals. We used our knowledge of aboriginal art (our art topic this half term) to create animal pictures, using very detailed, intricate patterns to decorate the animal and a dotting method to design the back ground.

Check out our models that we created below.

Here is how we created our aboriginal animal pictures:

Sam's Safari

In our topic week 'animals' we had a visit from Sam's Safari.  Sam brought in loads of animals for us to look at and to touch. We saw a giant millipede, a blue tongued skink, a snake, a hedgehog and loads more.

We had great fun holding and stroking the different exotic animals.

Pirates of the Currybean

WOW!! What a spectacular show Year 3 and 4 put on!

Their production of Pirates of the Currybean was absolutely fantastic. The children loved practicing, rehearsing and singing their hearts out. They loved it even more when they had a full audience to watch all their hard efforts.

As expected the crowd loved it! The acting was fantastic, the singing was beautiful (especially the soloists), and the dancing was just wonderful!

The children did themselves proud and all the staff involved were so proud that the children produced such a wonderful show in such a short time span.

Have a look at some of our pictures from the dress rehearsal:



Skipping Spectacular

We have recently competed in a skipping festival at Leeds Trinity University- we were against 4 other schools. 

We showcased our fantastic skipping skills and we came runners up of the competition- winning us a lovely trophy. 

We won a gold medal for our skip dance (a choreographed skipping dance spectacular). Not to mention the gold we won for our team event, our four golds for individual skills, our 3 silvers for individual skills and our 2 bronzes for individual skills. 

But most importantly we had such fun! We loved practicing our skipping skills and were always taking ropes out at lunch to practice. We were so proud of ourselves for doing so well at the competition but we also supported the other teams and cheered just as loudly for them. 

Our skipping improved so much when training for the competition in PE so we really deserved all our accolades. 


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