Welcome to our Year 3 page!


Year 3

Year 3 has 27 children, 10 girls and 17 boys. They are great children, who love to have lots of fun and work hard.

Our teacher is Miss Dowd and Mrs Kealey is our teaching assistant. 

Year 3 are very pleased to be in Key Stage 2. We are looking forward to developing our knowledge and skills in English and problem solving skills in Maths.  We are excited about the new opportunities this year such as being able to go swimming at Prince Henry's and learning musical instruments.

Parent Information



Please ensure that your child reads their reading book and completing their online activities on Bug Club, this links to the book that they are reading at home. You child should be changing their books at least every week.

Library books are changed every Wednesday and try to encourage your child to fill out a book review leaf to stick on our book review tree.


Spellings are given out at the beginning of every half term and their is a list of 12 spellings for each week. The spelling test take place on every Tuesday. To help with learning their spellings children can use Spellodrome (it is the same password as Mathletics).

Maths and English Homework

Maths homework will be given out alternate Thursdays and due back in the following Thursday. This will either be set on Mathletics or they will be given a homework sheet to complete. 

English homework will be given out alternate Thursdays and due back in the following Thursday. This will be grammar or punctuation related.

Games afternoon

We had lots and lots of fun playing the various games Friday afternoon for the games afternoon to raise money for the Good Shepherd Appeal. Well done Joshua and Harry for winning the raffle prizes!

Stations of the Cross

We really enjoyed carrying out the Stations of the Cross activities. This gave us chance to reflect on what happened to Jesus and how we can be better people by following God's path.


This term our PSHE topic involves working with other. We have discussed what it means to work well as team, we said: listen, encourage others, be fair, talk, turn taking. We used all these skills to take part in a problem solving game. We had to get the farmer, chicken, fox and corn across the river.  

World Book day

After the disruption of snow, on Monday we finally got to dress up as our favourite book characters for World book day. The children came in fantastic costumes, they looked great!
As part of our Maths topic, we chose five of our favourite book as a class and collected data through tally charts. We then transferred this data to pictograms and bar charts. 


Our Class assembly

During our class assembly we reminded the school about the importance of Lent. We also explained the importance of forgiveness and we that we should be like God by forgiving others just like he forgives us. 



We celebrated the start of Lent this week with the CAFOD lunch on Wednesday. We gave up our normal lunch for a sandwich and a piece of fruit to remind us of those people in the world who are in poverty. 


Visit to the Methodist Church 

As part of learning about other faiths, we went to visit Otley Methodist Church. We looked around the Church at the similarities and differences in comparison with the Catholic Church. We also did some observational drawing in the Church. We really enjoyed our visit. 


Space Week

We really enjoyed setting off the rockets thanks to Mr Pratt! 

Mr Wright brought his telescope in, he told us all about star gazing. He even let us have a look through it. 

Tuesday 6th February 2018

Today we visited the Planetarium. We absolutely loved it! We learnt so much about the planets, sun and moon.

We also created out own poster in groups about each of the planets. We gathered information using out retrieval skills and then presented them to the class.  

Monday 5th February 2018

All the children dressed up to start Space Week. The children dressed as something to do with Space, they all looked great!



We are learning to multiple 2 digit numbers by a 1 digit number. We have been using lots of concrete objects to help us. We now know that when we multiple we are doing repeated addition. 

Reading food packets

In Science this week we have been looking at food packets to see what nutrients they have in them. We then recorded the information in a table. We were very interested in what was in food. We talked about what each of the nutrients were and why we need them. 



During music lesson we always have a warm up before we start playing the ukuleles. Here is something that we have been learning to do in unison. 

Christmas party day!

Year 3 had a great day playing party games, decorating elf hats and eating lots of yummy treats. 

The arrival of the mischievous Elf

December 2017

Year 3 were surprised by a visit of an Elf. He arrived in our classroom Monday morning and had caused mischief. We noticed him on the Christmas tree and during the day he kept moving.

Through out December he kept doing mischievous things. Such as; Dangling form the projector with cut out snowflakes, eating all of our advent calendar treats, making snow angels out of flour! He even went into Miss Dowd's cupboard and took the chocolate coins and put them in our trays as a treat!!! One morning we walked into the classroom and he has taken selfies of himself and put them around the classroom.
We thought that he wouldn't get up to anymore mischief but when we went to assembly he was just sitting on the tree and when we came back he had covered the Christmas tree in toilet roll!! 

After the Elf had created all the mess and mischief we wrote letters to Santa telling him all about his naughty elf. We included all the features of a letter that we had been learning about.


20th November 2017

This week we have been adding and subtracting a 2 digit to/from a 3 digit numbers. We have worked in pairs and in groups to show this with concrete objects. We have shown our column addition or subtraction in Hundreds, Tens and Ones charts and then completed the column addition or subtraction alongside it. 


This week we have a done lots and lots of Science, on Tuesday 7th November, all of KS2 attended Otley Court House for the Science Festival. Our talk was names 'Music to our ears', it was all about sound. We had lots of fun listening to what sound is and how sound is made. We watched lots of experiments about sounds, they were so good, we were amazed. 

In class we did our own experiment related to our topic Rocks. We were looking at the rocks that we have already classified and looked at. We did an experiment to see if the rocks were permeable or impermeable. We found that slate and granite are impermeable and chalk and sandstone are permeable.

Today's Heroes 

Topic week - 16th October 2017

This week we have had lots of different visitors to talk to us about what they do. We had Firefighters, Nurses, Doctors, Guide Dogs, Charity workers and Police Officers. We have really enjoyed listening to what their job roles are and their responsibilities.

We have talked a lot about heroes this week and we have each created a job description for a hero and an acrostic poem about Charities.  



Today Father Lawrie talked to us about the Sacrament of Baptism. He  showed us what happens in a Baptism.  He told us that this was such a special Sacrament and how it is different to all the other Sacraments. This is because it doesn't start with a sign of the cross, it starts by asking what the Child/Adults Christian name is.

Father Lawrie also showed us the three different oils used in the church, he let us smell and pass around the pots that they are in. 

We were very interested to find at all this information, we had lots of questions to ask him and he had some for us too!


Macmillian Coffee Afternoon

Friday 29th September 2017

The children had opportunity to go to the hall for a bun and a drink of juice to raise money for the Macmillian Charity. The Minnie Vinnie's came to collect the children and served them juice and a bun. The children had a wonderful time chatting and eating their delicious buns. Thank for for all your contributions for this event. The school raised £183.58.



In music lessons on a Wednesday until February, we be learning to play the Ukulele.

We all had the opportunity to experiment with this instrument and have a play with it to get a feel for it. We then played the Ukulele to some spooky music. Watch the video below to see how we did.


Our first week 

During our first week back, we researched and found out about our class saint, Saint Bernadette. Miss Dowd told us some information about her and then we used the IPads to find out some more. We later used this information to write fact-files about Saint Bernadette. We also watched a clip from a famous film and read a story about her, then some of us wrote our own stories about what happened.

The children were fascinated that she is the only Saint in which Our Lady Mary has appeared to.